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Kristen Rothman

Attorney Kristen Rothman is an Arizona native with deep roots in the legal community. Kristen earned her Bachelor of Science and Arts degree in Political Science and Women's Studies from Arizona State University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Following her undergraduate education, Kristen received her Juris Doctorate degree in 2011. 

Following law school, Kristen worked for the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office for over six years, honing her trial skills and developing legal strategies to better fight for her clients. During this time, Kristen developed extensive criminal defense experience having represented clients in hundreds of felony matters. Kristen has handled criminal matters ranging from misdemeanors to first degree murder. Kristen has extensive experience handling trials, evidentiary hearings, plea negotiations, oral arguments, discovery analysis, legal research, investigation, and witness interviews. 

After working as a defense attorney, Kristen joined the Arizona Attorney General's Office representing the Department of Child Safety (DCS). This allowed Kristen to broaden her skill set.  Kristen conducted numerous dependency and severance trials. Kristen has taken this experience and utilized to best represent her clients in their current juvenile dependency cases. Now Kristen takes her knowledge of DCS and their policies to fight against the Department. 

As a trial attorney, Kristen has handled hundreds of trials and handled thousands of mediation and settlement hearings.  Kristen understands the emotional nature of this type of law and seeks to empower her clients through this transition. Kristen treats each client's case as an opportunity to serve others during this difficult time in their lives. 

Kristen's advocacy and courtroom experience allows her to persuasively and passionately represent her clients. Kristen limits her practice to all aspects of Juvenile Law. Kristen is an active member of the Arizona State Bar. She practices all over Arizona, including both Tucson and Phoenix. 


Attorney Michael Rothman is a criminal defense attorney, representing clients charged with a variety of felony and misdemeanor offenses. Michael has handled hundreds of serious cases, including first degree murder, white-collar fraud, sex crimes and drug trafficking.  

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Michael Rothman

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